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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Web Design  
The ideas...

I have another blog on Blogger (Moss How To...) dedicated to the Microsoft product, SharePoint, as I am currently a specialist of that product. In "Moss How To" I did not take care so much about web design, excepted I reviewed the template to make the page as wide as possible because I planned to publish some server code sample and did not want carriage return in my server code instruction displaying.

However, I was always frustrated not to have a well designed blog, a pretty one (but in my conception, if you display code, forget the prettiness, focus on readability....)

I have another passion than IT that is drawing (I have actually much much more...), and this summer I was preparing an exhibition with canvas and drawings based on the theme of the dancer's body... I will do it one day, but it takes time, and parallely I am always practicing my drawing by doing quick sketches.For example, I had the chance to draw sketches of fashion styles when I was renewing my wardrobe, as a preparation to shopping. I loved those sketches and also the idea behind them. I wanted to post them on the net; but where?

I decided then to start a blog where I could put the sketches, went to Blogger and discovered the amazing and new dynamic views model. Then, I started playing with it and imagined a blog that would be a men's fake magazine with a fashion topic where I could publish my fashion sketches. I love that new Blogger template a lot, but there is still several drawbacks since for example the content of the page is not available in the HTML source code. As a result, one cannot have a good indexation from the search engines.

So, no big deal, since I had this idea of a men's fake magazine blog, I started a new blog with one of the old templates. Evolving around the idea of a magazine, when planning to learn more about web design, sounds like a good starting point.

I was always wondering about the relationship between the page layouts of a magazine and the page layout of a web site. For example, is the page of a web site equal to one page of the magazine (it is the case for a majority of web sites) or is the page of a website equal to the two pages of an open magazine or book, as it should be the case, since a computer screen rectangle has proportions closer to two pages of a book than to a single page of it.

The second idea of the fake magazine blog was also to see if the page layout for a book or a magazine could stand for a web site. For example, this page layout was inspired by one of the Cosmopolitan magazine...