Summer 2011 trends. Ready for the sales...

Friday, July 15, 2011

In the spring of 2011, I had lost a lot of weight through dissociated diet, soon re-converted into low carbohydrate index diet and some regular exercises, so I decided to renew my summer wardrobe, first for rewarding me, and second, because I was floating in my clothes (it feels so good ;-).
First I went to shop at random. Fatal error! I bought some t-shirts, jeans and light sweaters haphazardly and not only did I spent more than I wanted, but then I was having a hard time trying to match these nice clothes into nice outfits.

When the summer sales came, I was ready! I surfed the net in search for sites that would give me an idea of ​​looks. I found two that provided what I was looking for:

First H & M publishes videos on seasonal trends. It is about being trendy without ruining yourself. You only have to watch the video, to understand the fashion style , and then keep it in mind when you go out shopping. Sometimes, Ann Sophie Johansson, who is a stylist for H&M, explains the new trend: that way you can keep up to date! A few examples:

spring-summer 2011 trends

spring-summer 2012 trends

Then, Madame Figaro's website publishes pictures from each season's fashion show. Of course, there are impossible weird looks, but very often there are interesting ideas than can be transposed in real day-to-day life.

This past spring, I didn't know yet about Madame Figaro's website, so I only had a few screenshots from the H&M videos in hand. Meanwhile, it was of great help.

Simple example: white pants with a jacket, or with a khaki shirt...