Coconut eggplant bread, mint sauce

Friday, July 20, 2012

Daily meals
You want to eat healthy and cook amazing recipes? You want to eat clean and be able in the same time to surprise your hosts when you receive?
This is for you!

I had this idea, first, because I found a recipe of coconut eggplant caviar in my veggies book. But in the same time, I was planning to make a low carbs eggplant bread using yogurt and no flour.
Suddenly the two ideas merged and I saw the coconut eggplant bread. I had also realized recently that coconut is quite genuine fat so that it can be used in a low carbs diet!

And to be fully exotic, why not to accompany all this with a yogurt mint sauce... et voilà :-)
I pushed the idea as far as adding chopped coconut onto the eggplant bread...