Cottage cheese and peppers salad

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Daily meals
1 put one or two slices of Serrano ham or Serrano ham substitues (Bayonne, Ardennes) in the plate (vegetarians skip this step only)
2 Put the arugula leaves
3 Cut the cherry tomatoes in two pieces and place them.
4 Pour sun-dried tomatoes and their oil on the arugula.
5 Pour the sun-dried olives and their oil on the arugula.
6 Add Feta or Mozarella di Buffala .
7 Pour Balsamic vinegar
8 Add Parmigiano on the arugula
9 Cut the cives into small pieces
10 Add the cottage cheese
11 Place the cut cives on the cottage cheese
The steps 1 to 8 are my basic salad. It's a very quick and easy recipe and it's delicious. All ingredient are from the pious tier of the michi's ladder except the ham but you can remove it.
Today, I made two changes:
I added cottage cheese with cives. Try it, it is delicious.
I had also cooked peper left from the Cajun chicken I made for lunch so I added them also...